Bürstner Continue to Lead the Way with their Innovative Drop Down Beds


Height Adjustable Drop Down Bed

German motorhome manufacturer Bürstner invented the original drop down bed but have now taken that a  step further. Bürstner have developed a new height adjustable electrical drop down bed which features in its 2015 Ixeo Time IT586 and IT590 models, another landmark addition to the comfort and options that set Bürstner motorhomes apart

This latest innovation from Bürstner enables the double bed to be electrically lowered to the bottom of the living area seats, making a ladder or steps unnecessary. Whilst the bed is a generous size (1.97m x 1.43m) it tucks away into the ceiling cavity when not in use, leaving ample headroom of 1.97m.

The drop down bed design has enabled Bürstner to create motorhomes with a streamlined body for  reducing wind resistance and improving handling while also offering owners the flexibility of a second bed for guests.

Ixeo Time showing height adjustable drop down bed“Bürstner are renowned for their innovation and all of the other European manufacturers have copied their drop down bed, but Bürstner continues to lead the way and raise the bar with their innovations and new features that provide greater convenience for motorhome owners. This new height adjustable drop down bed is a great example of this!” said Michael Becker, CEO of SmartRV.

SmartRV are the sole distributor of Bürstner motorhomes in New Zealand. To view their range of Bürstner motorhomes visit SmartRV’s Sales Centres in Auckland or Christchurch or call 0800 007 627. 

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