Driver's Side Exit Doors - A Non Issue


Post Restante

We take safety seriously at SmartRV. In fact our Bürstner motorhomes meet the highest safety standards available thanks to permanent quality controls on one of the most modern test tracks in Europe. Ah, tested in Europe you might say, where they drive on the ‘other side’.

But hold on a minute. Offside doors have never been an issue for our sister rental company Wilderness Motorhomes, where the drivers are often dealing with a whole new set of road rules as well as the doors. Plus we have a company policy that all of our vehicles have a passenger side exit door.

We can do our best to provide top performing safety technology - from enhanced visibility to ABS to dual airbags - but we also have to trust the occupants to exercise their own good judgement and responsibility. We think a recent letter to the Motorhomes, Caravans and Destinations magazine sums up the topic of risk management rather well.

Click here to see the letter.

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