Driving the Commitment to Quality


Bürstner factory production line

A motorhome is a major investment - so it’s reassuring to know SmartRV’s popular Bürstner brand is making its own significant investment in the latest quality control technology at its manufacturing factory in Germany.

Building a motorhome is a complex juggle and all the ‘balls in the air’ must be smartly balanced to create a finished product that drives and houses its owners in comfort and style. Already renowned for its high standards, Bürstner’s latest investment combines new technology with nurturing highly-trained staff to bring even more rigour to the manufacturing processes.

SmartRV Managing Director John Managh says it’s Bürstner’s understanding of what turns a good product into an exceptional one that sets them apart from the rest.

“Bürstner consistently demonstrates leadership in the design and production of high quality, high aesthetic motorhomes. That’s the reason why they’re New Zealand’s favoured European motorhome”, he says.

The latest investment brings more quality control to the assembly lines. Motorhomes are now not only checked by end-of-line inspections but at three control stations (called quality-gates) within the assembly line, as well as at one check-point at the end of the line. Each control station has its own special inspection requirements, supported by training programmes to upskill staff.

Quality control at Bürstner factory

The manufacturing team has also implemented a new system where insights from the warranty department and customer feedback are transmitted to the development and construction teams. Learning from what’s working and what’s not, they are now able to make changes in real time.

“Care, control and consistency on the factory floor is paramount. Investment in these smarter and better processes will hugely reduce the chance of defects and ideally catch and address any issues well before a vehicle makes it off the floor,” says John.

Bürstner has also purchased new equipment for the assembly of motorhome floors, ceilings and sidewalls and their fittings, with technology that automates many of the processes, ensuring greater accuracy and precision every step of the way. A new vacuum system that handles wall panels without leaving unsightly marks is another example of the level of care for each component that makes the final product shine.

“This investment is great news for our customers, who can be more certain than ever of our quality assurances when buying their dream motorhome, and ultimately of more time on the road lapping up the life of leisure travel.”

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