Epic Motorhome - Epic Adventure


Epic Motorhome - Epic Adventure

Earlier this year, we took a film crew to the West Coast and Southern Lakes region to capture the new European designed Bürstner  Grand Panorama in some grand South Island landscapes.

Using conventional video equipment as well as the latest autonomous aerial camera (aka drone), the team created a cinema quality video worthy of Hollywood.

We’re sure you’ll agree that the scenery in the video is just stunning. And such jaw-dropping scenery surely deserves to be experienced in an equally stunning motorhome, which is why we chose the  Grand Panorama – though we feel any of our luxury motorhomes could have done it justice!

One of the many great things about ourBürstner motorhomes is that many of them are certified self-contained which means you can freedom camp responsibly and comfortably, staying in a myriad of beautiful spots and truly immersing yourself in New Zealand’s gorgeous scenery. That, after all, is what motorhoming is all about!

Check out the video by clicking on the image above.