Meeting the Carado Team



When I travelled to Southern Germany last month, I had a full itinerary planned and excitement was high. Having already seen what Bürstner has in store for 2016, we were anxious to meet the Carado team since we had only recently secured the rights to exclusively distribute the brand in New Zealand.

While Carado's production facility is located in Neustadt near Dresden in the former East Germany, its headquarters is in Leutkirch Im Allgåu, in the heart of Motorhome Mecca. So it was to Leutkirch we headed to meet the team we would be working with to deliver this exciting young brand to the New Zealand market. Not only is the brand young but so too are most of the team it seems, giving the place an energy and optimism that perhaps explains its stellar success in the European RV market.

The Carado brand has been built on doing the tried and tested and doing it well, day in and day out. Unlike other major brands, they produce only 14 models - the most popular. Instead of focusing on innovation, they focus on quality and value.

That's what sets Carado apart from other brands in the entry-level segment - their motorhomes are affordable because of scale and uniformity, not because any corners were cut in design or manufacturing.

There was still more to see and do in South Germany but after having met the teams at Bürstner and Carado I am confident that we are providing our customers with vehicles that are at the forefront of the motorhome and caravan industry.

The historic bahnhof (train station) in the photo below, which is next door to Carado's HQ in Leutkirch im Allgåu was a lot more photogenic than the Carado building.