Should You Buy A New or Used Motorhome?


Find out which is right for you - Buying New vs Used

Buying a motorhome is a major purchase and requires a lot of thought about what you want out of your life on the road. But whatever your dream might look like, one thing is true for every motorhome buyer: you want value for money.

The good news is that whether you’re planning to invest in a top-of-the-line RV to be your home away from home for weeks at a time, or simply want a quality family RV for trips away with the kids, you’ll find options in new and used vehicles in the quality brands from renowned German manufacturer Erwin Hymer Group at SmartRV.

You’ll also enjoy unparalleled care and support long after your purchase from SmartRV, whether new or used, thanks to our warranties and dedicated After Sales team.

So, which to choose? Here, we look at the benefits of buying new and used motorhomes.

Advantages of buying a new motorhome

Latest models

You can choose from the newest release vehicles by Carado, Bürstner and HYMER direct from Germany. These brand new RVs offer the latest lifestyle features for increased comfort and peace of mind on the road.

Shiny and new

Enjoy the thrill of a brand new motorhome ‘fresh’ from the factory and in pristine condition from under the bonnet to inside the fridge.

Customise your design

You can choose the exterior colour, interior finish and (with some models) fitting details and extra accessories to create a vehicle that is truly your dream motorhome.

Great resale value

The quality reputation of Carado, Bürstner and HYMER vehicles means an excellent resale value if you want to upgrade in future.


Your new vehicle comes with a two-year warranty on the chassis and engine and a minimum five-year water tightness warranty for extra peace of mind.

Advantages of buying used motorhome

Affordable quality

SmartRV offers top quality trusted German RV brands Bürstner and Carado in our used vehicle range.

Proven track record

Our premium used motorhomes have spent a maximum of three years on the rental fleet at our sister company Wilderness Motorhomes, where they have proven their safety and reliability on New Zealand roads.

Quality maintenance

Every rental motorhome has undergone regular comprehensive servicing that is well above industry standards while on the fleet. Maintenance is carried out every single time a motorhome returns to base – not just on a rolling calendar schedule.

New to you

After it leaves the Wilderness fleet, each motorhome undergoes habitation and mechanical checks. This includes exterior assessment and replacement of decals if required, interior feature checks, assessment of mattresses and reupholstering as required.

After Sales peace of mind

Each used motorhome comes with a warranty, registration, a self-containment certificate (CSC), minimum 1000km RUC and the ongoing support of SmartRV’s After Sales team.


Try before you buy

If you’re looking to buy a particular Bürstner or Carado model, it could well be on the Wilderness rental fleet, meaning you could book it for a few days to get a really good idea of whether it’s the right motorhome for you. Wilderness Motorhomes offers a special ‘Try Before You Buy’ deal, in which the cost of your first three days' rental is taken off the price of the motorhome purchase*.


*Terms and conditions apply for the ‘Try before you Buy’ offer. Please contact us for details.

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