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SmartRV owners enjoying coffee and cake by the lake

Apart from their choice of vehicles, there is no ‘typical’ SmartRV owner. Our people (or the SmartRV Family as we like to call them) come from all walks of life and they are each at different ages and stages of their journeys.

Yet when you hear them talk about their decision to buy a motorhome from SmartRV, they speak as one when they say that their motorhome purchase has enabled them to live their dream.

Grant and Wilma McGregor waited 30 years to fulfil their dream of buying a motorhome. The couple now aims to see every nook and cranny of New Zealand, and they have started out strong. They love the freedom of the open road.

“It’s absolutely wonderful going away from home and taking your home with you. It’s so luxurious,” says Wilma.

Peter and Sharon Mooney are another couple enjoying the freedom of the open road since they bought their motorhome.

“It’s just fantastic,” says Peter. “We’ve been going to a lot of places people can’t get to stay at.”

Sharon says there are so many tempting side-roads that they often set out for somewhere but end up getting side-tracked.

“We pass a side road and think ‘What’s up there?’ and end up somewhere completely different,” she laughs.

Meanwhile, Dean and Sue Paterson “reckon everyone should sell their bach and buy a motorhome”. They agree that their motorhome has allowed them to live their dream.

Sue says, “With a bach you can only stay in one place, but with a motorhome you can go wherever you like.”

The couple are keen mountain bikers and trampers. They try to get out in the wild exploring every two to three weeks. Recently they spent a month in the South Island.

Dean says there are so many beautiful places in New Zealand. “You could spend years and not even see half of them.”

Gary and Anne Bennison couldn’t agree more. They have clocked up more than 8,000 kilometres since buying their motorhome. The Bennisons love the freedom the lifestyle offers. And, along with many others, they wax lyrical about the service they enjoy whenever they go to SmartRV.

“As customers we really appreciate the people we see, and the service we receive, at SmartRV. We’d like to say a big thank you to the team at SmartRV.”

Whangarei buyer Anne Peppercorn says nothing is too much trouble for SmartRV team. “Their service is great and they always do the best they can. They are awesome.”

Grant and Wilma comment on how polite and helpful the team is. Grant adds, “I want to say thanks to the team at SmartRV for making our dream a reality.”

Dean Paterson says the crew and the team at SmartRV made their dream possible. “Thankyou SmartRV.”

Peter and Sharon sum up their SmartRV experience saying, “Everything we have asked of them has been done. The team has been fantastic.”

See more in this video of what happy SmartRV owners have to say.

If you would like to have a fantastic experience while making your dreams come true, talk to the team at SmartRV. Phone 0800 007 627.

Peta Stavelli
Peta Stavelli is the Deputy Editor of RV Travel and Lifestyle and NZ Today. She is the former editor of numerous well-known New Zealand titles, including Motorhomes, Caravans and Destinations. Peta bought her first RV at 20 years of age, before, for a time becoming seduced by boats. Her heart is now back where it belongs.
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