SmartRV’s Service Centres Expand to Offer Tyre Servicing


Ash with new tyre machine

With the installation of two new tyre fitting and balancing machines, SmartRV’s European Service Centres in Auckland and Christchurch have now added tyres to their list of service options.

SmartRV’s Service Centre team leader, Patrick Frick, is confident that motorhome owners will be excited to have the motorhome service experts take care of their tyres as well as all other aspects of their motorhome.

“With our new tyre machines, we can supply and fit new tyres and balance them as well” says Patrick. “We also have the ability to rebalance your existing tyres while your motorhome is on the hoist for a service, which saves you making a special trip to get your tyres serviced.”

SmartRV’s new Italian tyre machines mean their Service Centres can now check tyre pressure on nitrogen filled tyres and evaluate any tyre performance issues as well as repair punctures. The machines also incorporate safety features which protect alloy wheels when they’re being handled to prevent them being scratched and ensure they remain in pristine condition.

Qualified tyre technician Ash Topiwala, who spent seven years in the tyre industry before joining the SmartRV team, emphasises the importance of fitting the correct tyre to your motorhome. “Motorhomes need to have tyres that meet the motorhome manufacturer’s specifications. I’ve seen motorhomes with four wheel drive tyres which are down right dangerous. If you don’t have the right tyres, the motorhome can lose traction, a potentially fatal risk. Incorrect tyres can also damage the transmission, differential or suspension components and other parts of the engine as well as affect the speedometer” says Ash.

SmartRV can also fill motorhome tyres with nitrogen rather than air, allowing motorhome owners to get more life out of their tyres. Ash explains that “nitrogen has been proven to have more stable pressure so you won’t see pressure drops like you do with air inflated tyres. Stable pressure means less wear and tear on the tyres and therefore a longer lifespan.”

For more information on SmartRV’s Service Centres in Auckland and Christchurch call 0800 007 627.

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