Getting the Most Out of Your Motorhome | Video Guide for Bürstner and Carado Motorhomes


Motorhome Instructional VideoLet's face it. Learning the inner workings of your new motorhome can be a bit daunting. Don't fear. If you're the owner of a Bürstner or Carado motorhome, you'll be interested to hear about some of the new user tools the team at our sister company Wilderness Motorhomes have put together. Their user guide and videos have been designed to help their hirers get to grips quickly with how their Bürstner and Carado rental motorhome works. From checks you should do before you set off in the morning to operating instructions for the gas heater, the user guide and videos cover all the 'need to knows'. You can download your own copy of the Wilderness Motorhomes User Guide here (7MB). 

1. The Basics
2. Driving
3. Electrical System
4. LPG System
5. Water System
6. Heating and Hot Water Systems
7. Refrigerator


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