Which Motorhome Brand Is for You?


Motorhome brands imported by SmartRV includes HYMER, Bürstner and Carado

Looking to buy your first motorhome or keen to upgrade? It’s useful to understand the motorhome brands that are available and what sets each one apart. After all, it’s more than just the name on the front of the vehicle: each brand is designed to meet different needs, so knowing a bit more about the different brands of motorhome for sale can help you quickly narrow the search for your perfect motorhome.

At SmartRV, we specialise in three German motorhome brands, Carado, Bürstner and HYMER, which are all from the Erwin Hymer Group, Europe’s largest manufacturer group of motorhomes and caravans. Erwin Hymer Group was founded in 1923 in southern Germany and today has 22 brands in its portfolio and employs 6,000 people.

By bringing Carado, Bürstner and HYMER to New Zealand, we can offer a range of pricing, features and designs to suit a wide variety of needs for motorhomers.


Carado motorhomes offer great value for money combined with a high standard of German manufacture. This is achieved by focusing on just a few popular floor plans to produce motorhomes in a standardised and efficient manner. A Carado motorhome combines reliable functionality with affordability and classic design. With a semi-integrated body (where the motorhome body is attached to a separate cab), it contains all the flair you’d expect in a high-end motorhome, including memory foam mattresses, a practical kitchen and loads of storage.
Carado motorhomes are also renowned for holding their value, making this brand an ideal choice for those looking to upgrade in later years.

Ideal for: Those wanting a good value, reliable German-made motorhome with practical technical features.


If you’re after a modern home on the road with comfort and innovation designed to make life easier, then a Bürstner motorhome is for you. Bürstner is regarded as the market leader in design. They have an extensive range of models and floor plans that can be customised to suit and is available in semi-integrated (the motorhome body is attached to a separate cab) and integrated (the motorhome and cab are designed as one).
Bürstner offers intelligent solutions to life on the road, such as a drying room, clever kitchen storage and non-scratch surfaces. Its interior design combines top quality fabrics and finishes with expanded living areas and sophisticated styling.

Ideal for: Those who want an adventurous yet comfortable life on the road in a motorhome that offers aerodynamic good looks and on-road performance ideal for New Zealand’s driving conditions.


Timeless elegance and superior quality and safety mean HYMER is the top of its class when it comes to premium German motorhomes. With a history that dates back to the 1950s, HYMER offers a wide range of motorhomes, along with special 4x4 and rear wheel drive motorhome models. Classic design, premium fixtures and state-of-the-art technology are standard in a HYMER, with customisation and extra accessories available too. HYMER is the ultimate in luxurious motorhoming and its reputation ensures top resale value.

Ideal for: Those who want a top-of-the-range motorhoming experience with unrivalled quality and safety.

Now that you know more about the brands, come and see them for yourself at our Sales Centres in Auckland and Christchurch. Browse through the display vehicles, or chat to one of our friendly sales team if you feel you’d like some more information or advice. Our article ‘Find Your Perfect Motorhome’ is a useful guide as well.

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